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Short but sweet

You were very precise in what you put in and what you left out. Any more or less would have ruined the punchline. Nice job.

Thought provoking

It was a very simple premise but it left me thinking about so many things. The music set a nice tone but it never over powered the visuals.

idiot-monarch responds:

Thanks. I'm glad it succeeds in being thought provoking ;)


I was actually glued to my seat. This was not what expected...very cool.

TommyVF responds:

Thanks, that what we wanted too! Make something different! :D

Smooth animation

I was very happy with the animation style, very smooth...my only complaint is that it was way too short.

Cool Idea

I like the idea. You should do more of these.

I can relate!

I can relate to that day...and I don't even have hair!
Seriously though I really dig this style of animation. It has enough movement to emphasize the story which is pretty solid.

Right on time!

Every special day needs a good flash to celebrate it with. This fits the bill.

Great Idea

Walks cycles are very handy when telling a story, so getting animators together and showcasing the wide variety of ways of getting from point a to point b was inspired.

Insanimation responds:

Thank you. My idea entirely. :)

Good sound synch

You timed everything perfectly. It was the kinda quirky that I like. The change up at the end was thought provoking.

Needs direction

I know you spent a lot of time on this but it would have been tons better if it had some solid story behind it.

I wish we had flash when I was 15.

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