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Quite different!

I like the way you rendered this! It has a unique look.

Pretty good

For being new to flash that was pretty good. I liked the facial expressions and that you used the paint tool to draw your characters. Try experimenting with 24 frames per second and using more frame by frame animation.


Dude you threw in so many entertaining bits I couldn't keep track. The music choices made it that much more interesting.

Thumbs up!

I have to give you mad props for keeping the file size very low and still managing to tell a visual story that spans hundreds of years! WITH MUSIC on top of all that :)

Hell Yeah!

This was fun. I was hoping you had gotten a new mike but this is still a bad ass little toon.

psychicpebbles responds:

Thanks, you'll love part 3.

Good thing...

Good thing this dint really happen :)

Douglas99 responds:

well yeah good thing. or else i wouldnt of aniamted this :O


I like that you threw in some quirky stuff in there. I won't spoil it for those that haven't seen it yet, but I liked that extra stuff.

Practicing is good...

It's always good to practice but it's better to upload something with a story. And don't forget to add color and sound. Your animation skill is pretty good...I especially like that "from all angles" thing you did.

Karttibone responds:

Yeah, wanted to know if my work was worth it to get some appreciation. Apparently it did, so I'm completely satisfied. Of course I will continue with practicing.

The music...

You picked a great song...lmao...I liked the way you rendered the smoke...hell the whole thing was entertaining :)

Nice work

I think you put a lot of time into this and it shows. You have a knack for design and choosing colors that go well together.

Karmillina responds:

Thank you very much :3 The typographic work was one of my main goals since the lyrics just had to be added there

I wish we had flash when I was 15.

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