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Nice voice work

I was impressed with the variety of voices. I hope to see more of your work.

Stalagmite responds:

thanks alot! i am glad you enjoyed it :D:D:D i will be submitting the pokemanze episode 1 next week. lol. keep your eyes peeled :D:D:D
thanks a lot for your support!


Smooth movement

As far as walk cycles go that was pretty smooth. I loved the song too.


I dig it! You have my vote! It was short but to the point...bringing all his friends at the end was a cool way to show the other flavors of chips.

StickDinosaur responds:

Haha you dig it, your that guy off of the warriors aren't you. Glad you like it man I thought you got shot?

Thought provoking

It was a very simple premise but it left me thinking about so many things. The music set a nice tone but it never over powered the visuals.

idiot-monarch responds:

Thanks. I'm glad it succeeds in being thought provoking ;)


I was actually glued to my seat. This was not what expected...very cool.

TommyVF responds:

Thanks, that what we wanted too! Make something different! :D

Smooth animation

I was very happy with the animation style, very smooth...my only complaint is that it was way too short.

Cool Idea

I like the idea. You should do more of these.

I can relate!

I can relate to that day...and I don't even have hair!
Seriously though I really dig this style of animation. It has enough movement to emphasize the story which is pretty solid.

Great Idea

Walks cycles are very handy when telling a story, so getting animators together and showcasing the wide variety of ways of getting from point a to point b was inspired.

Insanimation responds:

Thank you. My idea entirely. :)

Good sound synch

You timed everything perfectly. It was the kinda quirky that I like. The change up at the end was thought provoking.

I wish we had flash when I was 15.

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